MOOC on instruments for safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

The UNESCO Chair on Intangible Cultural Heritage and Comparative Law of the UnitelmaSapienza University of Rome, directed by Professor Pier Luigi Petrillo, has produced a series of 20 virtual dialogues, each about 30 minutes long, to verify the impact of the UNESCO Convention on intangible cultural heritage in 19 different countries. The dialogues will be followed by anyone, in open source, freely and for free.

For those who wish, a certificate of participation can be issued to those who follow all the dialogues in MOOC version. To obtain it, it is necessary to send a registration email to by April 30, 2023, indicating your full name and the email address at which to receive communications and from which to access the dialogues.

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Safety training course for Sapienza medic area students

The mandatory training Course for the Safety at work its been started on the 07/03/2023, to be attended in e-learning format, for all the students enrolled in the first year of the current Academic Year of the medic area of Sapienza.
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